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Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Sisterhood of Diana.(force feminization story)

Chapter 1
Had I not accepted that ride at the bus stop, in the middle of a thunderstorm, the drastic change to my life would never have happened. It was a rainy evening, and in the midst of a downpour, a big limousine pulled up directly in front of me. The face of the elderly lady at the wheel seemed warm and very friendly.
"You poor thing. . .Can I give you a lift?" She asked in that very sweet and kind manner of hers. "Oh thank you ma'am. If it's no trouble, I am just headed about a dozen blocks south, to the Post Road", I gratefully replied.
I was certain that I had nothing to fear. Although I was short at 5 foot six, I had the slim, tough and wiry physique of a man who could take care of himself. At least, I thought as much. Yet, never did I dream that being picked-up by a kind and elderly lady could be risky. But then again, this world has seen many changes in the behavior of the female gender. In my father's day, few women were driving cars, much less stopping to offer a ride to a male stranger at a bus stop.
She smiled and said, "Come on, jump in quickly and get out of this rain. I'll take you to a warm and dry place." Something in my mind questioned the last part of her offer. "A warm and dry place"? What did she mean? However, I let the comment slide as I assumed that she merely wanted to be nice to a young fellow standing exposed to the elements. Probably, I thought, she just wanted to make sure that I was let out on The Post Road safely. Hopefully, I thought, she would offer to take me directly to the rooming house where I was staying. In any case, I was not interested in quibbling about her kindness. However, I now know that I should have been more cautious about the unusual proposal. The lady was in her fifties and obviously wealthy. Her car was new and a top of the line luxury car. She was wearing jewelry, fashionable clothes and appeared to have a general elegance in her manner that denoted that confidence of the well-to-do.
"I'm sorry about being so wet and soiling your nice car. but I really appreciate the kindness," I sincerely offered. Just then, I noticed to my surprise that there was a second lady seated in the back. She was more elderly, and smiled at me when I turned my head.
The older lady in the back answered, saying: "Oh that's quite all right, young man. You are certainly worthy of the inconvenience."
I wondered: "worthy of the inconvenience?", what are they talking about? Now I was starting to wonder about these two strange women. Despite the unusual aspects of this meeting, I still had little appreciation of the calamity that was soon to befall me.
A few minutes later, the car pulled to the curb as we reached the Post Road. Then it happened, and the world as I knew it collapsed. Assuming that this was where they had chosen to drop me off, I turned to thank the women. Suddenly, I realized that I was looking at a gun pointed at my head by the driver. Instinctively, I reached for the door handle. However, the old lady in the back, quickly put a stun gun to my neck. I must have been unconscious for some time. I awakened to find myself lying on the floor board in front of the rear seat. My hands and feet were tied with plastic binders and some kind of a ball gag was in my mouth, and secured around my face.
I was extremely uncomfortable and barely able to breath. In an effort to complain, I expelled a muffled groan. The elderly lady in the rear had her foot on my chest. Hearing my groan she offered, "I see that you are awake, young man. I know that you are uncomfortable. If you promise to be quiet, I can ease your discomfort by releasing your gag. Do you agree?"
I vigorously nodded my head. She smiled at my acceptance and reached with her hand to the binders around my mouth. However, she warned, "But remember that I still have this stun gun in my hand, and at the least disturbance from you, I shall use it on you again. Is that understood?" Finally, after I again nodded and looked at her with pleading eyes, she loosened the gag.
"Ma'am, please tell me what this is all about. I...", I started to say, but was interrupted by her swift aiming of the stun gun to my chest.
Sternly, she said, "You are not to speak. If you do so, I will make you unconscious again. . . Do you understand?" I nodded assent, and we continued the long car trip in silence. We seemed to be traveling far into the country side, somewhere up state from my town that was a little suburb of New York City. I was awful curious about the motivation for this apparent kidnaping by these two strange women. Yet, I dared not open my mouth lest I be attacked again with that awful stun gun. I tried my best to relax, and from my position on the floor, I spent my time glancing up at my captor, the elderly lady with the shock weapon. Her silvery hair was professionally coiffured and her clothing was of fine and expensive taste. Although she must have been well over sixty, she was still rather attractive. Perhaps it was the healthy and lean look about her that she exuded. My curiosity was intense as I spent the entire trip questioning in my mind what it was that these two matrons could want of me.
I was merely a young guy just barely eking out a living by doing pick-up jobs in construction. My accomplishments were few, and in general, I failed in all the important events in my life. My education stopped after two years of college. I could only hold a job for a few short months at a time, and my marriage ended up in disaster a year ago. When we lost our little apartment, my wife Carol gave up on me, moved out, and took our little girl to live with her mother. Therefore, I could not understand what my value was that made me worthy of kidnaping.
After a few hours the car finally stopped. The plastic binders on my ankles were removed and I was helped out of the car. My hands were still tied, but I immediately considered finding a way to overpower these two old ladies and escape. "I know exactly what is going through your mind," the older lady said. She looked at me in a strange and confident manner, and said, "If you attempt any kind of escape I shall make you feel very sorry."
"Yes Ma'am," I said quietly. We were in the driveway of an estate. The house, made of grey stone block, was immense and appeared to have dozens of rooms. The younger lady, who had been driving, was at the trunk of the car. I suddenly had the idea that now was the best time to escape. All that I had to do was to over power this old gal and run to the driver side. Hopefully the keys would still be in the car. With my two hands, still bound together, I suddenly turned and swung them toward the white haired lady's head. She artfully dodged my blow, grabbed my fists, and levered me onto my back with a hip toss.
With her foot on my chest, she said, "I am well trained and capable of throwing you around all night, if you want. Now, if you have had enough, we'll escort you into the house and explain to you why you are here. Well, what do you say?" I saw no need to say anything to these two crazy women. I nodded agreement and cautiously arose to my feet. They both had smiles on their faces and walked on each side of me as we entered the huge mansion house. I was escorted into a large and elaborate front hall. The furniture and the oak paneling on the walls, although rather old, was worthy of a museum. Frankly, I had never before been among such expensive surroundings.
The younger woman spoke first, saying, "My name is Celeste and that is Claudia. However, you must refer to us by the title of Mistress at all times. Is that understood"? "Uh, yes Ma'am, I mean Mistress. But, please tell me what is this all . . ." I quickly stopped my speech as the older granny pointed the stun gun again. Claudia then ordered, "From this time forward, you are to go to your knees whenever you wish to speak to a woman. Is that understood?" When I nodded, she directed, "Very well then, go down upon your knees and we will inform and instruct you."
Seeing that I was kneeling and under control, Mistress Claudia continued, "Now we expect that it will take some time for you to adjust, James. . .Oh yes, we know your name. You're James Crowley, and we know your whole sad history." The confusion must have been apparent on my face, as Mistress Celeste finally spoke and said, "Alright James, what questions do you want to ask? Just remember to be respectful as we have you under complete control and we will tolerate no disrespect. Do you understand?"
Clearing my throat, I stammered, "Yes Ma'am. . .uh Mistress, just what do you want of me? Why am I here?" Mistress Claudia smiled and said, You are here for training, James. Oh, by the way, from now on your name is Jennifer or Jenny. You are going to be feminized and all of your disgusting male habits will be shed along with your ugly men's clothing."
While trying to understand and digest her comments, I stood stunned, and just stared at my captors, incredulously. Mistress Celeste also smiled and said, "What no questions, Jenny. Don't you want to know what this place is?" In obvious confusion, I nodded.
Celeste continued on saying, "This is the training center of the Sisterhood of Diana. We train and feminize selected men for entry into a new society where women will re-build this world."
Finally in exasperation I arose from my knees and spoke, "Suppose I don't want to feminize, what then." Getting some spirit aroused, I said, "What if I don't want anything to do with your crazy ideas and . . ."
Before I could say more, I was struck severely across the side of my head with a riding crop by Mistress Celeste. As I turned to face her, Mistress Claudia seized my wrist and with a twist, forced me into a kneeling position. Holding me in a grip that inflicted pain to my wrist, Claudia said, "The first lesson Jennifer is to always be respectful to women. Is that understood?" "Yes Ma'am . . . uh, Mistress."
Celeste looked down at me saying, "You seem to have trouble with our titles. If it is more comfortable, you may refer to us as ma'am. Now, do you have any further questions, that is, asked in a respectful manner?" Remaining on my knees, and with a tone of respect, I softly urged, "Well Ma'am, I'm a man. I just can't "feminize". Why not find someone who is willing?" Claudia responded, "Oh you WILL feminize, Jenny. Your life depends upon you doing so. If you fail, you will be slain, buried and forgotten, somewhere on the hundreds of acres of this estate."
"But Ma'am, You just can't just pick me up off the street and do what you please with me. Someone may call the cops," I argued in a try at bluffing my way out. "No Jenny, you will not be missed. We have been watching you for a month. We seized you at a time when you are in between construction jobs. Your belongings were picked up at the rooming house and the landlord was only too happy to have your overdue bill paid in full. You see, no one knows where you are, and more importantly, no one cares." The picture was becoming clearer now. I had been seized by what I presumed to be an insane cult. I knew that they were correct in saying that I would not be missed. Still on my knees, I silently regarded my captors. Claudia was over sixty, and still quite appealing. Celeste was in her forties or fifties, and equally beautiful. Perhaps it was their excellent physical condition that made them so attractive. Yet, more than that, they had an air of confidence that was totally "unlady-like". I could only describe them in my mind as a pair of beautiful old Amazons.
Still holding my wrist, Claudia directed, "Now that we are all introduced, let's get on with the training. Come with us into the instruction room."
I arose and followed obediently and entered a large side room off the hall, which had the appearance of a library. In the center, however, were some training mats as used in defense instruction. The room was expansive and had several open classroom areas for small group meetings. I stood in the center of the room and continued to marvel at my surroundings.
Celeste ordered, "Remember Jenny, you are to do everything that we ask, and without question. Is that understood?"
"Yes Ma'am", I quickly responded. The shame alone, made me wish to have no further testing of their ability to subdue me.
"All right then, Jennifer, take off all of those ugly men's clothes, and I mean everything," Claudia directed. Slowly, at first, I started to strip. The stern looks on their faces made me continue until I was completely nude. "Well, Let's see what we have here," Claudia said. She ran her hand over the skin on my chest, poked some soft areas and seemed not happy with my physical condition. "I think we have to start with total hair removal. Afterward, we need a long program of body conditioning and exercise. There isn't much flab, but we want her to be very very lean." Celeste then added, "Your diet must have been atrocious." Then looking to Claudia, she added, "But, honestly, her condition is not as bad as I feared. I think that she has the potential to make an excellent feminized maid. What do you think Claudia?"
Along with a feminine name, they were now referring to me as "she" and "her". I wondered, what would these zany old ladies have off me next? While Claudia was measuring me for sizes of clothing, Celeste brought out some tubes of creams. "It's time to remove your disgusting body hair. Fortunately for you, you are fair and your hair has a fine quality. This cream will itch badly at first. However, this type has a retardant that will largely reduce new growth." With those comments, Celeste started to apply the cream over my entire body. After suffering for some fifteen minutes with terrible itching, I was taken to a bathroom for a very appreciated shower. To my surprise, Claudia undressed and entered the shower with me.
"Oh don't get excited, young man, or I should say, young lady. We're all girls here, so this will not be an opportunity for sexual gratification. I am joining you to insure the total removal of the awful body hair." A scrubbing with a stiff brush ensued much to my discomfort. I could see my all of my body hair going down the shower drain. Except for the top of my head, my skin was totally bald. My private parts area was not spared. Finally, I was taken outside and given a vigorous rubbing with a towel. Celeste, then gently applied a satisfying cream all over and handed me a pair of pink nylon panties and a lacy dressing gown to wear.
"I can't wear these things. I'm a man," I instinctively complained.
Immediately, Celeste waved her riding crop and ordered, "Down on your knees, Jennifer, before you speak." Seeing that my plight was hopeless. I went to my knees and tried to plead my case. "Please Ma'am, I don't think that I can be what you want. I would make a terrible woman." Claudia smiled and with kindness, urged, "Don't worry Dear, you will succeed, if only because your life depends upon doing so. Now arise and quickly put on those panties and dressing gown. We have much more to accomplish, before we put you to bed."
Making any argument or attempting another escape seemed not only hopeless but might lead to my own demise. Therefore, I slid into the nylon panties and donned the pretty robe. Doing so, gave my now hairless body a new excitement. Afterward, I was escorted into a large dressing room that had elaborate beauty salon equipment. "We're going to fix up that awful mousey mane of yours," Celeste announced. Firmly she ordered, "Now go into the chair and lie back."
After some inspection and discussion, it was decided by my two mistresses that I undergo a shampoo, rinse, and tint. They were then joined by one of the attractive young maids that worked in the house.
Claudia introduced her, "Jennifer, this is Joanne who will be helping you with your training. I advise you to get to know her and follow her instructions totally. Is that understood."
I quickly nodded to Claudia and Joanne, and said, "Yes Ma'am. . .It's nice to meet you Joanne." How strange and oddly exciting it felt to be introduced to a young girl as another woman. Joanne was a very pretty auburn haired beauty, dressed in an attractive knee length maid's uniform, complete with a pretty uniform cap. The maid was in her twenties and very trim. She smiled knowingly, and proceeded to take me to the sink where my hair was shampooed and rinsed several times. Afterward, I was taken back to the chair where combing and some tinting was given. I was starting to relax and in time, became drowsy in the comfortable chair and dozed off to sleep. When I awoke, I found that they had rolled up my hair into tight curls. Joanne, under the direction of the two older ladies, was starting to pour a foul smelling liquid into my rolls.
Instinctively, I complained, "Good Grief. . . I'm getting a permanent wave."
"Oh that's not all, Sweetie," Joanne happily offered. "Your hair has been lightened with a tint and we are going to give you a lovely shoulder length page boy effect, including some very pretty bangs."
Suddenly, Claudia came to the side of my chair and grasped my ear lobe. With a little gun like device in her hand, she only said, "Now hold still." There was a sharp sting. When I cried "Ouch," she went to the other side and quickly pierced the other lobe. When I touched my ears, I realized that training studs had been installed. When the hair project was completed, Claudia felt that it was time for all to go to bed, saying "It's been a long day and now it's time to show Jennifer her room." Joanne who stayed behind smiled and said, "Good night, Sweetie, you'll look very cute in the morning when your perm is combed out."
I nodded and said "Good night, ma'am."
The two elderly ladies then brought me to a bedroom on the third floor. It was a woman's room and bedecked with feminine furnishings and closets full of women's clothes. "Here is a nice set of baby doll pj's for you to wear. Put them on quickly, Jenny and we'll tuck you into bed for the night," Celeste directed.
I changed in front of them, still not used to exposing myself entirely upon command.
Claudia now speaking in a friendlier tone said, "Jenny dear, You must now learn to protect your new hair style with this net cap, and be careful when you sleep, so as to protect your very pretty hair for tomorrow. Finally, I will help you to apply some moisturizer and dusting powder so that your nice skin is protected."
Celeste asked, "Jennifer, do you want a last visit to the bath room, before we put you into your bed?"
"No ma'am,"
Claudia guided me to the bed, saying, "Very well then," get inside. We have to secure your hands to the side rails to insure that you do nothing foolish. Perhaps, in the future, you can soon earn our trust" To my surprise, both of the elderly ladies, bent over my crib and gave me good night kisses.
"A smiling Celeste softly commented, "You're doing very well so far, dear. Soon you may be able to serve and join us."
Claudia joined in the warm good night wishes, warmly saying "I know that the day has been a shock for you, Jennifer. However, I want you to know that we intend to take good care of you, provided that you cooperate and learn your lessons well. Now be a good girl and get some sleep." Sleep finally came when exhaustion overcame my dismay at the day's events. I was so fatigued that the manacles holding my wrists to the side rails did not prevent my getting some needed rest.


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